Making Writing a Habit – My Writing Challenge

Do you want to make writing part of your daily habit? Join us in this writing challenge to write every day and become a better writer.

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First, a bit of exciting news: The prototype for my Writer’s Journal – a guided book geared toward getting your first draft completed – has arrived! I and the students in my in-person class are taking it out for a test drive. Though I’m technically in “Part Three” of my novel, it’s a good story arch so I’m pretending it’s a new draft. And so far, I’m pretty pleased. I’m planning on releasing it this year, but I’m letting a few writers help me make sure it’s the best it can be before it goes to market.

My Writing Challenge: To Make Writing a Habit

Here’s the second part of my story, before I get into the challenge. Forget monkey wrenches, life has been throwing the entire toolbox at me lately. From my ebook distributor closing and sending me back files that had to be reformatted and uploaded to Smashwords, to finding out that Amazon and Barns and Nobel have very different ideas of the width of a new cover before you can print through their programs, to finding out that is NOT the same thing as, which meant I had to migrate my site and leave my theme behind….

Well, I’ve been busy formatting ebooks, reformatting physical books, moving Stage to Page to another server and getting it back up and running, to filming and editing videos for my classes, (watch one for free) and getting ready for live classes…..

What I’m Planning for My Habits for Writers Challenge.

I have done a lot of teaching about writing lately – but only a little actual writing. And that is just wrong. So I am doing my own Five-Day Challenge to jumpstart my writing and I’m going public with it. I’ll be updating you guys on my progress both here and on my Patreon Page.

P.S. If you are a Patron on Patreon for any amount and you set your own challenge, I will send you a PDF of the prototype of the Writer’s Journal that you can use along the way. If you complete your challenge and you are a Patreon Supporter for $10 or more, I will give you a physical copy out of the next print run of The Writer’s Journal as a thank you for supporting the development of my books. 🙂

For those of you who would like make a one-time donation for this challenge, you can do so right through this site. Once you donate a dollar or more, you will be taken to a thank you page with the downloadable PDF link. 🙂 Your donations are going to help bring the writer journal into reality. Just use the PayPal link at the end of this page. And if you want to join without donating, that is perfectly fine too!

But I don’t want to write alone. I want company! So I’m challenging myself to follow the five steps, but my own challenge will continue all month long.

I am trying to redevelop my Going Pro Habit of writing, which – for me – means that I am committing to writing as near from 6:30 AM – 8:30 AM on The Creator every day this month.

I may be writing by hand. I may be typing on the computer. I may be writing at my normal spot or changing it up according to various jobs I’m working. But 6:30- 8:30 AM will be a sacred time. The best part of this challenge is that YOU GET TO PICK YOUR OWN! This means you can write for 15 minutes sometime every day. Or add one sentence to your story. Or do a short story about flash fiction. You can take weekends off! All you have to do is decide that you are going to create a habit around writing – and declare it! Do it and let us know your progress in the comments. Now I’m off to set alarms in my phone.

Ready to join me? You’ll know where I’ll be. Update on your progress in the comments below and feel free to include a photo or snippet of your work! If you want to submit 1,000 words or a mock cover of your project, add a note that you’d like to be featured and I’ll add it to the challenge page. Please keep everything G-Rated and don’t use copyrighted material.

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