Planning Your Novel with the Act Like a Writer’s Journal

A Guided Journal for writers to help plan your novel.


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So You've Got an Idea for a Story...

The Act Like a Writer Drafting Journal will help you:

  • Meet your characters, using special tecniques to really understand how to get into their head
  • Imagine and create your locations so you know which details are important to your story
  • Define the goals of every chapter, so that you know what you’re going to write and why it’s important to your plot
  • Tally up your progress with a flexible system. You choose to track words, minutes, pages, or even days.
  • Chronical your writing sessions so that you can catch patterns and learn how to master writing
  • Remember the names of all those characters you keep forgetting
  • This will be the easiest book you’ve ever drafted. You’re welcome.