Writing Quotes – Why I Write

Why Write?

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Good writing - the kind of writing we really want, the kind the reader wants to read, comes from our heart, not our head. And hearts are hard to share. First of all, to share your heart, you have to be willing to face it yourself. And we fear nothing as much as we fear ourselves. ‚Äč

Writing Tells the Truth

Good writing takes the reader – and the writer – inside of themselves. It cuts past their fear, their self-taught lies, and the limiting beliefs they were have accepted. People long to acknowledge the truth but are afraid to say it, even to themselves. That is your job, writer – to speak the truths that others cannot put into words.

Writing Connects

So write. Connect with your own soul and your own story, and then send the message your story teaches you into the world. It will bounce off some people and others may cast it away, but it will find the ones who it’s meant for. It will resonated with them and allow them to face their pain, conquer their beliefs, heal – and let go.

Writing Transforms

So what makes a good writer? Someone in touch with themselves. Someone who can take one tiny aspect of their personality and raise up a character to embody it. So when you write, focus on connection. Connect to yourself first, then your character, and the character will connect to the reader. The character’s story will be their own, but the message they give can be the truth you’ve learned. In the end, that’s all writing is. It’s that simple – and it’s that hard.