Writing Quotes – Why I Write

So what makes a good writer? Someone in touch with themselves. Someone who can take one tiny aspect of their personality and raise up a character to embody it. So when you write, focus on connection. Connect to yourself first, then your character, and the character will connect to the reader. The character’s story will be their own, but the message they give can be the truth you’ve learned. In the end, that’s all writing is. It’s that simple – and it’s that hard.

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Planning Your Novel with the Act Like a Writer’s Journal

The Act Like a Writer Drafting Journal will help you:

Meet your characters, using special tecniques to really understand how to get into their head
Imagine and create your locations so you know which details are important to your story
Define the goals of every chapter, so that you know what you’re going to write and why it’s important to your plot
Tally up your progress with a flexible system. You choose to track words, minutes, pages, or even days.
Chronical your writing sessions so that you can catch patterns and learn how to master writing
Remember the names of all those characters you keep forgetting
This will be the easiest book you’ve ever drafted. You’re welcome.

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A Writer’s Shortcut to Writing for Relationships: Tips from an Actor

As an actor, you may be working with another actor that you barely know and have no shared history. As a writer, you may be drafting a scene with two characters whose intertwining backstories you have not explored in depth. So how do you create the chemistry needed to give the characters realistic reactions — especially in a scene that should portray the complex emotions of a pre-existing history but doesn’t?

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