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Creating Compelling Characters

October 11 – November 29

Writing Classes in Palacios, Texas

Outline, explore and bring your novel to life by approaching your manuscript with the mindset of an actor. I will teach you to create writing goals, how to explore your character’s mindset, motives, and reactions like an actor who analyzes a script, spotlight important elements with props and sets and bring your story details together with the sharp eye of a director. And don’t worry – you don’t have to act! 😉 For more information about my approach, see here.

Thank you for joining Stage to Page’s six-week class. From October 11 to November 29, we will be focusing on Creating Compelling Characters. Each week we will be honing in on one aspect of your characters that will help you understand how they think, how they interact, and how to breathe life and layers into them to make them feel as real as any of your friends.

Stage to Page blends traditional techniques from writing with exercises actors use to shape a realistic performance and see the storyline through the eyes of their characters. Every week we will discuss the week’s theme and have set writing sessions so you can advance your story at class. We will also have an interactive exercise to help you develop your imagination, sensory memory, and ability to step into your character’s shoes whenever you sit down to write your story. This will be interactive and fun; however, if you find any of the acting exercises outside of your comfort zone, you are not required to participate. Most of the acting aspects have more to do with mental and inner work and no one will be required to stand or perform in front of the class. 😉


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I’m offering a Seven-Week Live Session in Palacios, Texas on Creating Compelling Characters. The classes meet every Thursday at 6:00 PM.
October 11 – November 29, 2018

Here is what you can expect from the Creating Characters Class.

October 11: The Backstory that Created Your Character’s Defining Belief

October 18: Creating Relations and Empathy Through Your Character’s Imperfections

October 25: Show, Don’t Tell: Communicating Emotions, Motives, and Hints Through Movement

November 1: (Special) The Compound Effect/Beginning National Novel Writing Month + Needs vs Wants: How Obligations and Expectations Shape Your Character’s World

November 8: First Impressions: Defining Personality and Place Through Clothing

November 15: Exploring Your Character’s Skills, Knowledge, and Talents

November 22: (Thanksgiving Break: Happy Thanksgiving!)

November 29: Showing Personality Through Possessions

The classes will take place in Palacios, Texas in the dining room of a two-story Victorian House and are limited to 10 people per session. I want to have time to focus on you and your individual stories, so I am avoiding too large of a class. It’s almost as good as having a book coach!

Class sessions are $10 due at the beginning of class. We will be meeting at 6:00 and going no later than 8:00, though ending times may variate according to discussion and exercises. We usually allow a little time just to chat and share about your week because we want you to be able to make friends as well as write.

If you need to contact me at any time, you can email me at lindsey@stage2page.com. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions.

Lindsey Backen

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I’m offering a Six-Week Live Session in Palacios, Texas on Creating Compelling Characters. The classes meet every Thursday at 6:00 PM.
October 11 – November 29, 2018

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In the future, classes will be available online so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check out my SkillShare classes with this link (if you use this affiliate link, you can get two months for free). Or watch my free classes on YouTube.