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If you are near Matagorda County in Texas, you are invited to join Lindsey and other writers for live, in-person classes. The classes are kept small so there is plenty of time to focus on you and your project. If you are not nearby, don’t worry! Lindsey is currently working on developing an online, self-paced course that will still allow you to interact with her when you need. You can also watch some of her classes online. They are hosted by Skillshare and if you use Lindsey’s Teacher Affiliate Link, you can get two months of all the SkillShare classes for free. Be sure and join our email list to be notified when the Online Course is available.


If you are ready to write with friends and experience what Stage to Page is all about, be sure and sign up for notifications about our writing challenges. Every challenge is a little different, but you can expect to join Lindsey online for a live writing session. Lindsey will share one inspirational technique at the beginning of the session and then guide you through an hour of writing sessions where you will have time to focus on your novel. If you cannot join live, you can watch the replays, leave comments for other writers, update your progress, and be as passive or interactive as you desire. It is extravert and introvert friendly.

Lindsey Backen

I’m Lindsey. I’m a Method-Writer. Not in the true sense of Method Acting for anyone who has studied it, but that’s the easiest way to explain to people what I do. While I have walked out blocking for difficult scenes and keep a sensory journal to transfer details of my life into my writing, many of my characters experience things I never will. (Here’s looking at you, evil king.) But when people began asking me about how stories came to me, how my characters feel so real, what I do when I write, I realized I didn’t write like other people.

I write like an actress. I write like a director. And so can you.

Something magical happens when you approach your characters and scenes with the eye of an actor or actress whose job is to bring the character into a vivid, dimensional form. Creating and revising your story with the mindset of a director can tightening your tale into riveting passages that direct your reader’s minds exactly where you want them to go.  Still confused?

Well, grab a cup of coffee (or an Energy Drink) and settle in. I believe in you. I believe in your story. Come explore with me, how to add layers, depth, and realism to our novels using theater techniques – even if you never step in front of a spotlight.